Only with FROG, you have 600’ free talk time to FROG,
on the 1st top up of every month:

To activate the new offer, call free of charge 1317.

  • The free minutes are given only with the first top up of every month.
  • The embedded use not consumed within 30 days cannot be transferred at a later time.
  • The minimum call duration is 3 minutes and then charge is made per second.
  • The duration of the free minutes is 1 month.
  • In case of free airtime provided by other frog bundle that expire on different dates, first consumed are the free minutes with the nearest expiration date
  • In case on the 1st top up of the month you have free minutes to FROG from the top up of the previous month, are extracted and you will have only the free minutes from your latest top up.
  • The new offer cannot be combined with the offer of double calling time or the offer of the free calling time to all on every top up 10€. If you activate the new offer, every other offer is deactivated and you will not be able to activate it again.
  • For information about the available free minutes, send the free of charge message "Y" to 1330.

The offer is valid for top-ups until 31/07/2016.