These General Terms, in conjunction with the signatory’s Application (hereinafter the "Subscriber"), lay down the terms and conditions under which the company "COSMOTE - MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A." (hereinafter “COSMOTE”) (VAT number 094493766, Athens Tax Office for Commercial Companies), which has its registered office in Maroussi, Attica, on 99 Kifissias Avenue, shall provide the Subscriber - provided that their Application has been accepted and in exchange for the consideration indicated in COSMOTE’s price list - with a right to use the electronic communication services (indicatively calls, messages, internet), as well as any other service offered by COSMOTE (hereinafter the “Services”) through its network, based on the general operating licenses and radio frequency licenses granted thereto and in accordance with the applicable legislation. 
DEFINITIONS: "Phone Number" shall mean the number granted by COSMOTE to the Subscriber upon acceptance of the latter’s Application, for the purpose of using the Services provided by COSMOTE. “SIM Card” shall mean the specially manufactured card, property of COSMOTE, which is delivered to the Subscriber upon acceptance of their Application and which, upon being placed into the Telecommunications Terminal Equipment, allows the Subscriber to connect to the COSMOTE network and access the Services provided thereby. "Subscriber" shall mean the natural or legal person who, upon acceptance of their Application by COSMOTE, acquires a right to use its Services under the terms and conditions contained in the General Terms. In the event that the user of the Phone Number is not the same person as the Subscriber, the Subscriber shall be obliged to indicate the user's details. “Telecommunications Terminal Equipment” or “Equipment” shall mean any equipment suitable to be connected to the COSMOTE network that meets the requirements of the applicable legislation. "Roaming Service" shall mean the service that allows the Subscriber to receive and make calls when abroad, provided that they are located within a network coverage area for which COSMOTE has concluded a relevant agreement.  



1.1. During the Application’s submission and review, COSMOTE is entitled to request from the prospective Subscriber to present the supporting documents required to verify their identity. The Application must be duly signed by the prospective Subscriber. 1.2. The Application is accepted by providing the Phone Number to the Subscriber.


2.1. Connection to the COSMOTE network and access to the Services provided shall be carried out exclusively through the SIM card delivered to the Subscriber upon the acceptance of their Application, to be used in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. 2.2. The Subscriber does not acquire any ownership rights over the SIM card or the information it contains, nor do they have the right to grant its use to or to exploit it against third parties, with or without consideration, or to resell or commercially exploit the Services in any way. 2.3. The Subscriber is obliged to return the SIM card to COSMOTE whenever so requested, particularly when this is required for reasons related to security, emergency or public interest pertaining to the Network’s operation. COSMOTE reserves the right to seek the SIM card by any legal means. 2.4. The Subscriber is obliged to inform COSMOTE immediately and in writing if their SIM card has been stolen, lost or damaged, in whole or in part, or if they suspect that their personal passwords have been compromised, in order to block calls to their connection. In any case, the Subscriber shall be solely responsible for any use of the Services made through the SIM card until such call barring. 2.5. The costs for replacing the SIM card and reconnecting to the Network shall be borne by the Subscriber according to COSMOTE's current pricelist. 2.6. The Subscriber shall be liable towards COSMOTE for any damages caused due to the unconventional use of the SIM card.


3.1. The Subscriber acquires the right of exclusive use of the Phone Number throughout the entire term of the Agreement. This right shall be automatically re-transferred to COSMOTE upon the termination of the Agreement for any reason. In this case, COSMOTE shall be entitled to grant the right to use the Phone Number to any third party, in accordance with the applicable legislation, without having any liability to the Subscriber. 3.2. COSMOTE reserves the right to change the Subscriber's Phone Number when so required by law or by government agencies or for technical reasons or reasons pertaining to the Network’s operation. 3.3. In the event that the Phone Number remains deactivated for a continuous period exceeding three (3) months, COSMOTE shall be entitled to consider this Agreement terminated and to deactivate the SIM Card. 


4.1. COSMOTE shall only deliver the SIM card to the Subscriber and shall bear no responsibility for the Equipment’s selection, supply and operation, which are the Subscriber’s responsibility. The SIM card can be placed into and only functions with Equipment approved in accordance with the applicable legislation and compatible with COSMOTE's network. The Subscriber shall be liable to COSMOTE for any damage that may be caused to its network due to the use of non-approved equipment. In any case, COSMOTE may choose not to connect or it may disconnect any Equipment that causes problems to its network, as well as in all cases provided for by the applicable legislation. 4.2. The obligation to immediately return to COSMOTE any remaining balance of device or terminal equipment subsidies or other COSMOTE discount or offer, which has not been written off in accordance with the Application’s provisions, shall continue to apply in the event of the Equipment’s loss, theft or destruction, given that the relevant risk is borne exclusively by the Subscriber.  4.3 The Subscriber must use Equipment that is compatible with the COSMOTE network. The Subscriber may not tamper with the equipment and/or use the equipment for illegal activities or with systems that may affect the proper operation and quality of the COSMOTE network [e.g. internet transmission systems, peer-to-peer communication, machine-to-machine communication (Internet of Things)]. The Subscriber may not resell any equipment received from COSMOTE. 4.4. The Subscriber must inform COSMOTE immediately and in writing in the event that their device is stolen, in order to block calls to their connection. In any case, the Subscriber shall be solely responsible for any use of the Services made through their Equipment and SIM card until COSMOTE has been notified. The manufacturer provides a guarantee for the Equipment and the essential information of the guarantee are listed in the relevant user guide. In the event of a material defect or lack of agreed properties of the equipment, the sales provisions of the Civil Code shall apply regarding the adjustment, replacement etc. of the product, regardless of the written guarantee provided by the manufacturer. 4.5. If the Equipment provides access to the Internet and/or the Subscriber's Corporate Network, the following shall apply: 4.5.1. Ensuring the secure operation of the Subscriber's Corporate Network shall be the sole responsibility of the Subscriber. 4.5.2. The actual data traffic consumed by the Subscriber (usage) will be shown in the bill issued by COSMOTE at the Subscriber's request. To access the Internet on a computer, a software application shall be provided by COSMOTE, which offers an easy-to-use GUI to connect the Equipment to the COSMOTE Network. Any measurement of data usage by the Equipment or another application is indicative and only for information purposes. Under no circumstances shall the data traffic consumed constitute proof that the usage meter is unable to record the real data traffic consumed when: (i) the meter settings do not coincide with the billing period; (ii) the connection to the COSMOTE Network is carried out through the operating system, without the use of the specific application; (iii) the application has been uninstalled and reinstalled on the Subscriber's computer, resulting in the deletion of the usage history stored on the hard drive of the Subscriber's computer; (iv) there is a sudden power outage or, in general, the application has not been shut down normally; (v) the Equipment has been used on different computers; (vi) other applications that consume data with automatic updates or traffic compression software have been used; (vii) the usage history data has been deleted by the user; (viii) the additional signalling data for managing the connection has been recorded approximately due to rounding, and it has not been recorded in real time. 4.5.3. In the event that the software application provided by COSMOTE is installed on a computer, the Subscriber is granted one non-exclusive license for the use of the specific software, for personal use only and only for the time period during which COSMOTE provides the Internet Access Service to the Subscriber. The option to use the specific software provided to the Subscriber shall be limited to using the Service and to the extent that this is necessary. The license to use the software does not grant a right to reproduce or redistribute it in any way. 4.5.4. The nominal Internet connection speeds shall constitute the maximum possible speeds, as they depend on other conditions and technical parameters beyond COSMOTE’s control. 4.6 In the event that the Subscriber uses Equipment that enables automatic updates from the Internet, the Subscriber must be informed about these possibilities through the User Guide provided by the Equipment’s manufacturer.


5.1. COSMOTE provides 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation electronic communications services, as well as any other service it may decide to offer in the future. 5.2 COSMOTE’s Quality Indicators, coverage maps and the quality of the services provided by COSMOTE are listed in detail at   5.3 COSMOTE must inform the Subscriber about its tariffs, the conditions for the provision and use of its Services and its network characteristics. Information regarding prices and tariffs is provided in detail at and, depending on the selected connection package, branch network and Customer Service Department. 5.4. At a minimum, the COSMOTE network provides coverage for a) the geographic areas inhabited by at least 95% of the country's population; b) at least 95% of the population in prefectures bordering neighbouring countries; and c) 85% of international highways and national roads. The coverage provided by COSMOTE through its network can be found at  COSMOTE shall provide the Services twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, without interruption, except for a time period which may not exceed a total of six (6) hours per month, provided that such an interruption is absolutely necessary in order to perform the required maintenance work, which shall be scheduled in such a way so as to cause the least possible disturbance to Subscribers. The COSMOTE Network has been designed so that, during maximum traffic time: a) the probability of call jamming is lower than 2%; b) the probability of call disconnection is lower than 3%; c) the network availability per year is greater than or equal to 99.5%, while for a continuous 48-hour period it may not be lower than 95%. 5.5 COSMOTE must immediately review the Subscriber’s complaints and requests regarding orders, the invoicing, commencement, termination and the quality of its services in general, keeping a relevant record of the result of its actions for the time period provided for by the applicable legislation. 5.6. COSMOTE shall be bound by the applicable legislation on the confidentiality of the content of the communications that take place through its network, as well as the confidentiality of the information obtained from the Subscriber. 5.7. COSMOTE shall provide support to Subscribers for matters relating to faults through its special, toll-free telephone line 1250, available from Monday to Sunday, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. 5.8 COSMOTE shall provide access to emergency services and caller location information using the single European emergency number "112", as well as other emergency numbers, free of charge and without having to use any means of payment. 5.9. For maintenance and support issues pertaining to their connection, the Subscriber can call 13838 for COSMOTE's Customer Service Department and 1299 for FROG Prepaid Mobile Services, charged according to COSMOTE's applicable pricelist. 5.10. COSMOTE, in order to deal with incidents concerning the security and integrity of its systems and any threats thereto, may take measures such as the performance of risk assessments and security checks on systems, the drawing up of a business continuity plan, the physical protection of its facilities to prevent unauthorized access and to protect them from natural disasters, the implementation of network security and logical access control mechanisms, the management and monitoring of the network, the detection of and defence against malware.  5.11. It is possible to access the internet through the 3G, 4G and 4G+ COSMOTE network, and the use of a device that supports access to the respective networks is required. Information on the development of the 4G and 4G+ network is provided in the coverage map available at Information on download and upload speeds is also provided at   For the Subscribers’ access to the internet, COSMOTE does not implement any measures to block, delay or discriminate traffic, unless this is necessary to a) comply with national or European legislation, court judgements or decisions by public authorities; b) ensure the integrity of its network and the services provided through the network and the terminal equipment of end users; and c) prevent the occurrence of obstacles due to network congestion or to limit the effects of any exceptional or temporary network congestion. Any traffic management measure that requires the processing of the Subscriber’s personal data shall only be taken for the above reasons or to further the business relationship or in order to implement a specific functionality. In case of consumption of any usage integrated in the Subscriber's plan or any additional packages, the relevant special terms of the respective plan or additional package shall apply.  In the event of significant, continuous or regularly recurring deviations of internet access speeds, excluding the cases mentioned above, which can be documented by the Subscriber and confirmed by COSMOTE, and to the extent that COSMOTE cannot take any measures to improve internet access, the Subscriber has a right to submit a written complaint to COSMOTE’s Customer Service in accordance with Article 17 of these terms.


The Subscriber is obliged to: 6.1. Inform COSMOTE immediately and in writing regarding any changes to the information contained in their Application and particularly their address, and to provide all information required for the smooth provision of its Services. Moreover, the Subscriber must inform COSMOTE in the event of transfer of their connection, signing all documents required by COSMOTE and/or the law. 6.2. Use COSMOTE’s network and Services in accordance with the law, the terms of this Agreement and COSMOTE's instructions; they must not resell its services nor proceed to acts or omissions that may affect or jeopardize the quality and provision of the Services. 6.3. Not to disclose their SIM card’s personal security codes (PIN and PUK) to third parties and to take all necessary measures to protect their personal data and the privacy of their communications. 6.4. Use Equipment that does not create problems for COSMOTE's network. 6.5. Not to reverse phone calls. 6.6. Not to use or allow third parties to use the Services for unethical or illegal purposes. By way of example, and not as a limitation, the Subscriber is prohibited from using COSMOTE’s Services to: a) take part in or perform any illegal action. This includes, among others, posting, storing, transmitting or disseminating information, data or material that is abusive, obscene, illegal, threatening or defamatory, or that infringes or violates the intellectual rights of any person or entity, or that contributes in any way to the creation of a criminal offense and violates the applicable legislation; b) causes any harm to a minor; c) uploads, posts, publishes, transfers, reproduces, recreates or distributes software or other material obtained through the service in any way, which is copy-protected in accordance to its creator’s rights (copyright); d) promotes and/or makes available any content that contains malicious software or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or limit the operation of any software or telecommunications equipment or to prevent other users from using COSMOTE’s Services; e) installs and promotes, in any way, any kind of unsolicited or unauthorized ad or unsolicited electronic messages (spam), chain mail, pyramid schemes and any other form of unsolicited content promotion; f) sends a large number of copies of the same or similar messages with insignificant content, or blank messages or files that may cause damage to a server, user account, newsgroup, chat or similar service; g) initiates, repeats or participates in any way to any profit-making or other illegal scheme against another user or the company; h) participates in the collection or collects a large number of e-mails or other identifiers that could enable spying on software and users’ personal data (spyware); i) impersonates another person as the sender of messages or forges someone else's signature (digital or handwritten signature) or commits any other fraudulent act (e.g. phishing); j) disrupts the smooth operation of networks and, in general, undermines and degrades the security level of COSMOTE’s systems; k) accesses another person’s device or systems, networks, software and data without the owner’s knowledge and consent by violating COSMOTE's account or network security; l) uses or distributes unauthorized use tools or security violation devices, e.g. decoders, password detectors, cracking tools, encryption bypass tools or Trojan Horses; m) when accessing the internet through the company's services, they should be used in a lawful and appropriate manner, and the internet codes of conduct (e.g. RFC 1087 ethics and the Internet) must be complied with. 6.7 The subscriber has the right to gain access only to communication data pertaining to the same and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. 


7.1. COSMOTE shall provide the Subscriber, through the use of compatible Equipment, with access to COSMOTE and/or third party content services (hereinafter the “Content Services”), such as ΜyCosmos and MyCosmos View. 7.2. Content Services shall be used "as is", without any possibility for modifications or other interventions by the Subscriber. 7.3. The Subscriber accepts, agrees and concludes that they shall use the Content Services in a lawful and appropriate manner. Therefore, the Subscriber agrees by way of example and not by way of limitation that they shall not use the Services to a) cause harm to minors; b) transmit or gain access to content that infringes any third party rights or the personality of third parties, or infringes the individual and social rights of third parties in any way, or goes against the law in any way; c) mislead anyone as to the origin of the content in the Content Services; d) damage the reputation of COSMOTE or third parties in any way; e) endanger the security of the COSMOTE network; f) proceed in any way to the promotion of unsolicited or unauthorized ads or unsolicited electronic messages (spam); g) disclose information containing personal data. 7.4. COSMOTE strives to ensure high levels of security in relation to the use of the Content Services, as well as information that is as accurate, complete, reliable and up-to-date as possible. Nevertheless, COSMOTE is not bound and does not provide any kind of guarantee regarding the security and content of the Content Services. The Subscriber shall be responsible for any risks that may arise from the use of any content, including any decision to rely on the correctness, completeness, validity and/or usefulness of any content in the Content Services. 7.5. COSMOTE does not bear any responsibility for the security, legality and validity of the content in third party Content Services, and such third parties shall have full civil and criminal liability for the said services. In such cases, the Subscriber must contact such third parties regarding any matters that may arise during the visit and/or use of these Services. 7.6. COSMOTE is entitled to amend the terms of access and use of the Content Services, as well as to discontinue or make changes to any Content Service. 7.7. By using and accessing the Content Services, the Subscriber explicitly and unconditionally accepts the general terms and any special terms of the relevant Content Service, as in force from time to time. 7.8. It is noted that minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from using the Content Services, which, according to the law, are intended exclusively for adults. In the event that, despite the express prohibition above, minors make use of Content Services considered inappropriate for them, COSMOTE shall bear no responsibility, given that the protection of minors is primarily the responsibility of the Subscriber, who shall remain solely responsible. 7.9. Detailed terms of use of the MyCosmos Content Services are available on COSMOTE’s website, at 7.10. Multimedia Information Services (MIS) shall be charged for through the COSMOTE account. MIS are value-added content services provided by COSMOTE or third parties and they are charged for by either sending or receiving SMS to and from 5-digit codes in the following series: 54XXX & 190XX to 195XX, or through voice calls to the following number series: 14XXX, 901,909, 806,812,825,850 & 875. The above number series may be modified upon relevant decision by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT). 7.11. By using the Content Services, the Subscriber accepts the terms of use.



8.1. COSMOTE shall charge the Subscriber, according to its applicable pricelist, with: a) any connection, reconnection or disconnection fees; b) the price for the supply or replacement of the SIM card; c) the fixed monthly fees for each Service; d) the fees for the calls made; e) the fees for changing tariff plans, as well as any other fees indicated in its applicable pricelist, which is available at Moreover, COSMOTE shall charge the Subscriber with any other amounts due, as agreed between the Subscriber and COSMOTE. VAT and any other taxes or fees shall be borne by the Subscriber. The Subscriber shall also bear any costs (operational, legal or other) incurred by COSMOTE due to the Subscriber's failure to meet their contractual obligations. In the event that the Subscriber wishes to receive a complete breakdown of their calls, the Subscriber declares that, in the event that the user of the connection is not the same person as the Subscriber, the user(s) of the connection have been informed about the receipt of a detailed bill with a complete indication of the digits of the numbers called. 
8.2. COSMOTE is entitled to change its tariffs in accordance with the law and the rules of fair competition based on inflation and the total cost for the provision of its Services, which includes investment costs and the cost of operating and maintaining its network. Any increase in tariffs in accordance with the above shall be valid, as provided for by the applicable legislation. Within one (1) month from the announcement of the increase in tariffs, unless otherwise laid down by the legislation in force at the time, excluding the cases of tariff reduction, tariffs related to international calls, multimedia information calls, calls to short codes and to non-geographic numbers (excluding calls to mobile phone numbers), the Subscriber shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement free of charge, by notifying COSMOTE in writing. 

9. TERMINATION OF SERVICES In the event that the Subscriber does not comply with any of their contractual obligations or in the event of fraud, COSMOTE shall be entitled to temporarily or permanently suspend or limit the provision of its Services. 


10. TERM
The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. After its initial activation, the connection shall remain under the Subscriber's name for thirteen (13) months from its activation. This term shall be extended with each top up, based on COSMOTE's applicable commercial policy. The Subscriber has the right to terminate the agreement at any time, free of charge. In this case, they will lose any remaining balance in their connection.  




11.1. Upon notice in writing and without prejudice to its further rights, COSMOTE may terminate this Agreement at any time, for an important reason only, such as in the event of: a) non-compliance of the Subscriber with any of their contractual obligations, which are all considered essential; b) partial or total revocation, cancellation, modification or expiration of COSMOTE's license; c) the Subscriber’s death, declaration of bankruptcy or suspension of payments or other similar situation, whether an application has been submitted or not, conversion of the Subscriber’s legal form, dissolution, placement under liquidation, judicial administration, as well as in any other case where the Subscriber becomes insolvent; d) in the case referred to in Article 10.11.2. Within one (1) month from the announcement a) of the tariff increase, excluding cases of tariff reduction, tariffs concerning international calls, multimedia information calls, calls to short codes and non-geographic numbers (excluding calls to mobile phone numbers) and b) of the unilateral amendment of these General Terms of Service by COSMOTE, the Subscriber shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement free of charge, by notifying COSMOTE in writing. 11.3. In the event of termination or expiration of the contract, the remaining balance on the Subscriber's connection shall be lost. 11.4. The loss, theft or destruction of the SIM card or the Equipment does not constitute an important reason for the termination of this Agreement on behalf of the Subscriber, given that the relevant risk is borne exclusively by the Subscriber. 11.5. In the event of the termination of this Agreement, any financial obligations of the Subscriber towards COSMOTE shall become due immediately.  



COSMOTE shall not be liable towards the Subscriber for any failure to meet its contractual obligations in case of force majeure (such as, indicatively, war - whether it has been declared or not - riots, acts of sabotage, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, earthquakes, explosions, fires, embargoes, strikes and counter-strikes, acts by Greek, European or other authorities, natural obstacles, weather conditions) or other incidents beyond its control, as well as for the operation and interconnection of other national or foreign networks and the actions of their bodies in general.



13.1. The rights derived from this Agreement may only be transferred upon COSMOTE’s written consent and on the condition that the Subscriber has fully paid off their debts to COSMOTE up to that time. In this case, this Agreement shall be terminated and a new agreement shall be signed with the transferee. The Subscriber and the transferee shall be jointly and severally liable for any financial claims by COSMOTE for services that have been provided before the date of the assignment and which have not been invoiced by that date due to any reason. 13.2. COSMOTE may assign the rights derived from this Agreement, as well as any individual claims arising therefrom.


14.1. This Agreement constitutes the complete and only agreement between COSMOTE and the Subscriber, and it supersedes any other prior written or oral agreement or communication with COSMOTE or its representatives. 14.2. COSMOTE has a right to amend the terms of this Agreement in accordance with the applicable legislation. In the event that COSMOTE unilaterally amends these General Terms of Service, the Subscriber shall be entitled, within one (1) month from receiving notice, to terminate this Agreement free of charge, by notifying COSMOTE in writing. In the event that the Subscriber's agreement has been concluded for a definite period of time, the Subscriber's obligation to pay off any remaining balance of device or terminal equipment subsidies or any other subsidy/discount/offer continues to apply, in accordance with the relevant terms of the Subscriber's agreement prior to the unilateral amendment.  14.3. In the event that COSMOTE does not exercise or partially exercises any of its rights pursuant to this Agreement, this may not be deemed as a waiver of that right, nor does it preclude its exercise in the future. 14.4 In the event that any of these terms is or becomes invalid, this will not render the remaining terms or the Agreement invalid. The remaining terms shall remain in force and have full legal effects. 



The Subscriber may submit a written complaint to COSMOTE's Customer Service Department, in the event that they believe that COSMOTE does not comply with its contractual obligations. If COSMOTE deems the Subscriber's complaint to be justified, it shall proceed to refund any amounts paid by the Subscriber. The Subscriber can contact COSMOTE's Customer Service Department by calling 13838, charged according to COSMOTE's applicable pricelist, or by letter to 99 Kifissias Av., 115 24 Maroussi, by fax at 2102511888 or through the contact form at 
The Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman, in collaboration with EETT, where deemed necessary, shall settle any unresolved disputes between Subscribers and COSMOTE concerning the contractual terms and/or the execution of this Agreement out of court.
Any dispute between the Subscriber and COSMOTE arising out of or in relation to this Agreement shall be resolved by the courts at the Subscriber's domicile or registered office, or at the place where the agreement was concluded, in accordance with the Greek law.


The Subscriber's data (first name, surname, father’s name, address) will be included in COSMOTE’s and/or third party printed or electronic directories and they may also be provided through the reverse search function (finding a name by using the telephone number). The Subscriber has a right to check and correct their data, as well as to request the publication of supplementary data or to request at any time not to be included in a printed or electronic directory. 



For the processing of your personal data for the provision of COSMOTE Services, please refer to the relevant text, which is posted at