Terms and Conditions Bring a Friend

Service Bring a friend

• To add a subscriber to the list of friends you have invited to Frog, he must have activated his Frog connection in the last 30 days and must not have been notified by another subscriber.
• You can invite up to 10 friends
•The 300 'will be available every month on the anniversary of the registration in the service and you can activate them through the App in the area FREE EXTRAS JUST FOR YOU.
•The 300 'can be consumed to all the friends you have invited. The more friends invitations you can share the time with more friends.
• If the 300 'package is not activated until the package corresponding to the next month is available, then it is lost.
• Minutes to Frog Friends have the highest priority in consumption over minutes to any other destination
• Free minutes to Frog Friends have a minimum call duration  3 minutes and then per second.
• Free minutes to Frog Friends do not apply to roaming.